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SUNBIRDS Nectariniidae

Malachite Sunbird Nectarinia famosa
Tacazze Sunbird Nectarinia tacazze
Bronzy Sunbird Nectarinia kilimensis
Orange-breasted Sunbird Anthobaphes violacea
Copper Sunbird Cinnyris cupreus
Marico Sunbird Cinnyris mariquensis
Purple-banded Sunbird Cinnyris bifasciatus
Shelley's Sunbird Cinnyris shelleyi
Neergaard's Sunbird Cinnyris neergaardi

Southern Double-collared Sunbird Cinnyris chalybeus
Miombo Double-collared Sunbird Cinnyris manoensis
Greater Double-collared Sunbird Cinnyris afer
Variable Sunbird Cinnyris venustus
White-bellied Sunbird Cinnyris talatala
Dusky Sunbird Cinnyris fuscus
Grey Sunbird Cyanomitra veroxii
Olive Sunbird Cyanomitra olivacea
Scarlet-chested Sunbird Chalcomitra senegalensis
Amethyst Sunbird Chalcomitra amethystina
Collared Sunbird Hedydipna collaris
Plain-backed Sunbird Anthreptes reichenowi
Anchieta's Sunbird Anthreptes anchietae
Western Violet-backed Sunbird Anthreptes longuemarei