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Little Egret Egretta garzetta

Little Egret Little Egret showing yellow feet
J16478 J16476
Modimolle, South Africa; Dec 2015 (2)
Little Egret fishing with Reed Cormorant
H48368   fishing with Reed Cormorant
Letaba, Kruger Park, South Africa; Oct 2014
G04377 G04381 G04428
Nylsvley, South Africa; Apr 2010 (3)
E29868 E29869
Nylsvley, South Africa; Apr 2009 (2)
WT07038 breeding WT07211
Nylsvley, South Africa; Apr 2006 (5)
WT07109 WT07111
WT32996 WT33010 WT33024
Nylsvley area, South Africa; Dec 2007 (3)
WT35360 WT07043 breeding
Nylsvley, South Africa; Feb 2008 (4)
WT35344 WT35466
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