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Cattle Egret Bubulcus ibis

Cattle Egret with chick on nest Cattle Egret on nest
K28972 K28990-2
Vaalwater, South Africa; Feb 2019 (2)
Cattle Egret Cattle Egret head in breeding colours
K10354 K10342   breeding colours
Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa; Oct 2016 (2)
Cattle Egrets breeding
K25524   Breeding communally alongside Black-headed Herons
Vaalwater, South Africa; Nov 2018
WT36148 WT36154
Modimolle area, South Africa; Mar 2008 (2)
Cattle Egret in flight Cattle Egret in flight
H14162 H14168
Nylsvley, South Africa; Feb 2013 (2)
Cattle Egret Cattle Egret scratching Cattle Egret walking
J17360 J17369 J17412
Modimolle, South Africa; Dec 2015 (3)
WT04098 WT04042
Nylsvley area, South Africa; Apr 2006 Modimolle, South Africa; Dec 2003
Chobe, Botswana; May 2012
WT7052 WT7035 WT7043
Settlers, South Africa; Jan 2005; melanistic bird (4)
Wakkerstroom, South Africa;
WT0001 WTc
Beestpoort, South Africa; Jan 1994; breeding (4)
WT37277 WT37276 WT37287 imm
Modimolle area, South Africa; Mar 2008 (3)
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