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Lesser Flamingo Phoenicopterus minor
Barberspan, South Africa; Aug 2013
WT37587-8-9 Mark Anderson's flamingo breeding island
Kimberley, South Africa; Apr 2008
Kimberley, South Africa; Jun 2009 (16)
E30267 E30271
E30364 E30134 nests after breeding over
E30253 E30260 E30261
E30569 E30547 E30540
E30519 E30583
E30563 E30564
WT23701 WT23933
Walvis Bay, Namibia; Apr 2007 (8)
WT23938 WT23902
WT24375 WT24381
WT24392 WT24404
WT0003 WT0001
Kamfer's Dam, Kimberley, South Africa; Jul 2003 (3)
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