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Red-chested Cuckoo Cuculus solitarius
H30866    fledged chick; host is Mountain Wagtail H30906 fledged chick
Chimanimani, Zimbabwe; Dec 2013 (2)
Red-chested Cuckoo juvenile
H47846 immature G10490 male G10504 male
Pafuri, Kruger Park, South Africa; Oct 2014 Modimolle, South Africa; Oct 2010 (2)
D17195 juv being fed by Karoo Thrush D17197 juv being fed by Karoo Thrush
Modimolle, South Africa; Feb 2009 (5)
D17168 juv D17174 juv D17149 juv
WT05210 male WT19604 female WT20334 juv
Sericea, South Africa; Dec 2005 Sericea, South Africa; Dec 2006 (2)
WT29461 WT29453 WT29458
Sericea, South Africa; Nov 2007 (3)
WT31255 egg in nest of Kurrichane Thrush egg in nest of White-browed Scrub Robin
Sericea, South Africa; Dec 2007 Sericea, South Africa; Dec 1999 Vaalwater, South Africa; Jan 2002
Sericea, South Africa; Dec 2007
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