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Welcome to this website!

It showcases my photographic efforts over the past 50 years in which birds, and more recently, dragonflies have been my primary focus.

I live with Michèle, my wife and soul-mate, close to the town of Modimolle in South Africa. Previously known as Nylstroom (24 53 01 S, 28 17 02 E), in recognition of the river that meanders through the town, it is situated in the foothills of the Waterberg a few kilometres upstream from where the Nyl and its tributaries fan out to become the famous flooodplain of the same name. Biologically, it is a wonderfully diverse environment, the product of a richly diverse mosaic of landscapes, from the floodplain and the patchwork of savanna-types that surround it, to the hills of the adjacent Waterberg. Look at it on GoogleEarth to see what I mean. Until we moved closer to town in 2008, we lived for many years on the farm "Sericea" alongside the famous Nylsvley Nature Reserve and this is the reason why many of the images shown give one or other of these places as the locality where the photograph was taken.

There are currently about 7585 bird & other creature images and about 1075 dragonfly images on this website and these are steadily being added to as opportunities arise. The most recent additions are marked with a red star * on the family and species pages. All images are copyrighted to me. High resolution, uncropped versions of these images - and others not included here - are available for commercial purposes; please contact me directly in this regard.

                                                Last updated: 1 January 2024