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Cape Cormorant Phalacrocorax capensis
H20973 H20968
Lambert's Bay, South Africa; Sep 2013 (2)
G27235 G27240
Walvis Bay, Namibia; Sep 2011 (2)
Cape Point, South Africa; May 2008
Simon's Town, South Africa; May 2008 (2)
WT38742 WT37936
Betty's Bay, South Africa; May 2008
WT23999 WT24031 WT24032
Walvis Bay, Namibia; Apr 2007; non-breeding (3)
WT000a WT000b
Lambert's Bay, South Africa; Apr 1997; breeding (2)
G06219 G27318
Port Elizabeth rehab centre, South Africa; May 2010 Walvis Bay, Namibia; Sep 2011
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