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White-faced Duck Dendrocygna vidua

White-faced Duck
Modimolle, South Africa; Feb 2022
White-faced Ducks in flight
Vaalwater, South Africa; Jul 2019
White-faced Duck with ducklings
Modimolle, South Africa; Mar 2019 (2)
White-faced Duck White-faced Duck ducklings
K30093 K28905
  Vaalwater, Waterberg, South Africa; Feb 2019
White-faced Duck
Modimolle, South Africa; Jan 2018
White-faced Duck group White-faced Duck
K04398 K04399
Modimolle, South Africa; Aug 2016 (4)
White-faced Duck White-faced Duck group
K04403 K04428
White-faced Duck in flight wings up White-faced Duck in flight wings down
K01248 K01253
Rundu, Namibia; June 2016 (2)
White-faced Duck pair White-faced Duck with five ducklings
J17287 J18173 with five ducklings
Modimolle, South Africa; Feb 2016 (2)
White-faced Duck pair
Modimolle, South Africa; Jan 2015 (3)
White-faced Duck White-faced Duck
J03243 J03239
Sango, Zimbabwe; Dec 2013
Chobe, Botswana; May 2012 (3)
G34931 partial albino G35431
E29445 adults E29449 imm E29461 imm
Modimolle, South Africa; May 2009 (3)
Modimolle, South Africa; Oct 2009
Punda Maria area, Kruger Park, South Africa; Mar 2009
E29699 E29703
Skukuza area, Kruger Park, South Africa; Apr 2009 (2)
Vaalwater area, South Africa; Aug 2008 (2)
WT27530 WT27479 WT29307
Modimolle, South Africa; Nov 2007 (3)
White-faced Duck flock in flight
Nylsvley Nature Reserve, South Africa; Aug 2022
WT01589 WT07548 WT03874
Settlers, South Africa; Jun 2005 (2) Modimolle, South Africa; Oct 2005
WT09694 WT09711
Nylsvley area, South Africa; Jul 2006 (2)
WT000a WT000b
Nylsvley area, South Africa Sericea, South Africa; Jan 1996
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