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Yellow-billed Duck Anas undulata
Yellow-billed Duck
Wakkerstroom, South Africa; Oct 2019
Yellow-billed Duck Yellow-billed Duck
K30652 K30687
Waterberg, South Africa; Mar 2019 (2)
Yellow-billed Ducks in flight Yellow-billed Duck in flight
K04894 K08060
Wakkerstroom, South Africa; Sep 2016 (5)
Yellow-billed Ducks
Yellow-billed Duck perched Yellow-billed Duck
K08079 K08284
St. Lucia, South Africa; July 2012
G37288 G38067
Wakkerstroom, South Africa; Jul 2012 (5)
G38058 G38060 G38015
Wakkerstroom, South Africa; Mar 2010 (3)
G03498 G03491
Wakkerstroom, South Africa; Dec 2008
WT7645 WT7646 WT25586
Weserbi, Ethiopia; Aug 2005 (2) Potchefstroom, South Africa; Jul 2007
WT09113 nest
Marievale, South Africa; Jun 2006 Sericea, South Africa; Jan 1996
Yellow-billed Duck in flight
G05344 H13817
Kenton-on-Sea; South Africa; May 2010 Nylsvley, South Africa; Feb 2013
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